Hampshire Road Project in Brownfield

Connectivity has been restored to the Shepards River all the way to New Hampshire. A deteriorating, smooth culvert that would not pass fish was replaced by an open-bottom arch that accommodates the natural stream bed. Sebago TU worked with the Town of Brownfield to write the grants that obtained the money needed to replace the culvert correctly: $95K from the Maine Water Bond Program and $100K from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. The chapter additionally contributed $10K to the project. 

Located in the foothills of the White Mountains, the Shepards River Watershed is home to a well-documented population of wild/native brook trout. Reconnecting the habitat will provide for a more robust, genetically diverse trout population that can better withstand the results of climate change. The project complements two others in the watershed: the weirs project the chapter completed last year that reconnected a feeder brook downstream form the project and the nearby Linscott Brook Project that replaced undersized culverts with an open-bottom arch. The chapter plans to work with the Town of Porter just south of Brownfield to complete two more projects there next year that will reconnect additional habitat in the Shepards River and Tenmile River watersheds.